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Grevillea flowers

The two Grevillea shrubs on the service road are flowering. They are most likely a cultivar of the Grevillea rosmarinifolia. Those leaves give a pretty good hint!

roadside grevilleaThese photos were taken late August with the Nokia Lumia 520 windows phone.


I’m totally disorganised this week, and not writing at all. I know I will get there, eventually. It’s not as if I have anyone cracking a whip over me – pity cousin Sue lives so far away!

Take care.  🙂


12 thoughts on “Grevillea flowers

  1. sue says:

    Love them, we used to try and unroll the flowers. Sorry can’t even send telepathic whip cracking, too stuffed up with a sinus infection & hayfever. When I recover I will send a double dose. This weather kind of makes you lethargic, so there’s an excuse for you.

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    • Oh heck, sinus and hayfever troubles. I hope you feel better soon Sue. I’m on a new nasal medication called Avamys, for post nasal drip. It’s made a huge difference to my sleep and Rob is loving not being constantly woken by my snuffling and choking and throat clearing. My activity tracker still tells me I’m not getting much deep sleep, though.

      I’ll watch out for the whip-cracking email then. 😀


    • Nice to see you Cady. We have lots of plants called Grevilleas – ranging from ground covers to trees, with a huge range of gorgeous flower types.

      Wikipedia says …
      “Grevillea is a diverse genus of about 360 species of evergreen flowering plants in the family Proteaceae, native to rainforest and more open habitats in Australia, New Guinea, New Caledonia, Indonesia and Sulawesi.”


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