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The bees love my Cistus …

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I love the Cistus shrub, too. It’s also called a sun rose or a rock rose, probably because the flowers close at night, slowly unfurling as the sun rises. My plant is a lowish, spreading type. I love the crinkled papery look of the petals. I hope you enjoy seeing the bees as much as I do.


8 thoughts on “The bees love my Cistus …

    • Oops, I replied to this earlier, but I’ve obviously not pressed ‘send’. 😮

      I may have exaggerated how much the bees love them. 🙂 They really prefer the hardy low-scented jasmine right next door, but the wind was making it difficult for them. So they favoured this low-growing shrub today, and I took the opportunity to snap these as I love these flowers.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, solarbeez. Appreciated.

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  1. Yes, It looks like it missed the ironing last laundry day, or that someone had it packed away and just undid it. They are a lovely and very rewarding plant. I think I like the white one best but can never really decide. I agree with Claudette about the colour.

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    • I must keep an eye out for a white one, too. I just looked at the image on Wikipedia and the contrast of the white petals and yellow centre is stunning. I love the crinkly look. They do pack themselves up really tight at night, and they are so delicate it’s no wonder they need ironing! 🙂


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