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On my walk this morning …

Hello people. These first two images were actually taken earlier in the month, but Vika and I walked that same bit of extra road today.  The third was taken this morning.

If we venture beyond the footbridge, we usually only go to this end of Argyle Street.

If we venture beyond the footbridge, we usually only go to the end of Argyle Street.


Today, we continued on (left, then right) over this hill.

From the top of the hill. At the bottom, we turned right and came back home via the service road. Last time we went this way – straight ahead, out of sight – I carried Vika all the way back up the hill.

The native shrubs planted on the roadsides are all coming into bloom.

bee on a bottlebrush

bee on a bottlebrush (Nokia Lumia 520)

I hope you are all having a good day.  🙂

Me? I better get back to writing. I’m up to where I have to put in a couple of new scenes and I’ve put it off too long. Should be fun.

🙂 Take care.


2 thoughts on “On my walk this morning …

    • Sorry, Sue, I probably updated the page while you were looking at it (spotted a typo or something). Vika and I walked right to the end of that road going over the hill – the longest we’ve ever walked – and the hill was really steep coming up. I just felt sorry for her, and I’m sure carrying the extra weight helped me burn some calories too!

      I wondered if that bee would stump anyone. 😀


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