A magpie.

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On my fence just now…


4 thoughts on “On my fence just now…

    • I never knew magpies ate seeds, Sue, but they do. I thought they only ate worms and grubs and such things. He drinks here, of course. I really must wash my curtains and the windows! It’ll sharpen up the images. 🙂


      • sue says:

        Yes, I thought they were meat eaters, didn’t know about the seeds either. Remember Christine, if you wash 1 window the others will look dirty. Don’t you do enough cleaning? Girl next door to mum has those security blinds, don’t think they have ever been opened, therefore not washed (what a good idea)

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        • There’s a house like that in town – the upstairs security blinds are always down. I usually wash these ones a couple of times a year. Once after the warm weather to get rid of fly spots, and the other just before I put up the Christmas lights. I’m slack enough about cleaning at home without your encouragement, Sue. 🙂


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