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A Rainbow


6 thoughts on “A Rainbow

    • Just the one. I see what you mean,Sue. I hadn’t noticed the hint on the edges on the flare of light to the right. I was more taken by the way the cypress is lit up against the background by the late afternoon sun. Did you end up getting rain? We had nearly 2″ over the weekend!


      • sue says:

        Not much water, must have got diverted elsewhere, disappointed, I rather like storms and how everything smells so fresh afterwards. You are lucky but the downside is all the grasses and weeds will add fuel for the summer. I can never work out why the councils wait until everything is dry before they start clearing, specially with “controlled” burns. They always do it on a windy day and are surprised when it gets out of control. Mum says they should get all the people who are convicted of minor crimes and send them out in gangs to clear the verges. (Kill 2 birds with 1 stone, so to speak).

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        • It’s better to burn in a very light wind, as it fuels the fire, and keeps it going where you want it to go. They aren’t supposed to start burning off if the wind is more than a certain level or in the wrong direction – that’s why they have to wait until it is almost too late.


  1. sue says:

    So much for the storms. They should fire all the meteorologists or just pay them on results, maybe they would start getting it right, (save us millions). Tomorrow is going to be 31, unbelievable. Hope the rain came down where it was needed at least.

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