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A wet walk this morning

Sometimes there are advantages to being deaf. Apparently rain thundered down in the early hours of the morning – actually, it is pelting down again right this minute, so the rain-gauge might nudge the inch mark after all. I slept through the downpour, but I know how it sounds. Yesterday, when I woke, I asked Mr R if it was raining. Turned out the sound was only a roaring in my ears. Happens sometimes. 🙂

That old wooden power pole has been reinforced with concrete, but it's looking a bit wonky to me!

That old wooden power pole has been reinforced with concrete, but it’s looking a bit wonky to me!

Today, between showers, Vika and I ventured out, coming home damp from dripping trees. The drains are discharging water into the dry creekbed at the end of our service road.


There are so many autumn leaves, we can hardly see the pools of water gathering in the creek bed.


Walking back home along the service road.

Clicking on the images a second time makes them fill the screen – it works for me. Press the back button to get back. I often forget and lose my page.

I better go and see what the dog is doing. She went outside into the rain. Maybe we can skip an overdue bath.

A wet Vika

A wet Vika [Nokia Lumia 530]

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3 thoughts on “A wet walk this morning

  1. Sue says:

    Looks lovely. They keep promising us storms but our area hasn’t received any yet. Remember when I was a kid in Reservoir looking out the windows of the back verandah at the storm clouds flashing with lightening, thunder, hail and huge raindrops. My bedroom had a iron roof so you can just imagine how loud it was.

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    • You haven’t had it? Oh yes, I remember Rob said it was coming downwards, not across from your way. Which is why it’s not that cold, I suppose. In the old days before insulation to deaden the sound, heavy rain and hail really made a racket all right. You’d have to cover your ears and your heart would be hammering with combination of fear and exhilaration!


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