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An interesting look in the sky this morning as the clouds stretch, splatter and twist from the horizon. I think the short vertical line, near the middle of this image, looks like a funnel!

wp 20151125 09 06 23 pro


5 thoughts on “Cloudscape

  1. Sue says:

    Funnel? OK if you say so. All I could see was a “Z”, sorry. No doesn’t look like honeyeater, too big & beak wrong, maybe thrush, kinda hard to say from back view. Vika is gorgeous, I suppose you tease her and make her wait for her walk.

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    • What? You trying to make shapes with the clouds, Sue? No, in the middle, in a thin vertical line, which looks like a funnel of a very small tornado (from photos I’ve seen). I thought it might have been a path carved between the clouds by a jumbo jet taking off from Melbourne, but it didn’t look right for that. It’s fairly windy here today with warnings of SEVERE weather – whatever that means!


  2. sue says:

    I see it, I see it. Was looking in the wrong spot, yes it does look like a funnel, its in the cloud under the big blue patch. I was looking at the point of the roof, up higher.

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