Lots of little black ducks, some with white on their heads and some with white bottoms, and then these two bigger ducks – all on Tea-tree Lake within Mortlake’s Botanical Gardens. So it’s not just your average park.

Ibis, Eastern Swamp Moorhens and lots of other birds can be seen too. Despite my intentions, I never uploaded my photos to the laptop for the blog. Sorry. Perhaps tomorrow.

Mr R said he heard a buzzing noise. I reckon it was a scissors-grinder – a little black&white fly catcher. I saw one on our last walk around the lake.

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Feeding the Ducks


2 thoughts on “Feeding the Ducks

    • LOL, funny you should mention mosquito repellant. I bought a big can of Aeroguard, but it’s been too windy for flies to bother us much, and nothing lurking in the tent overnight. But this morning I dislodged a mosquito from Rob’s forehead – gently. I still haven’t posted more photos from my NSW trip, so I’m going to have to get cracking when I get home. Which looks like might be today if this wind keeps up. It’ll probably rain in the morning so we will be packing up a wet tent. Considering our options. We will be spending time with my daughter’s family today.


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