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Exhausted Vika

Been a big day, walking around lakes, watching other dogs, traipsing around a cemetery, and following her humans about. Not to mention the sightseeing.

Goodnight. 😉


3 thoughts on “Exhausted Vika

  1. sue says:

    Poor little thing, remember she has only got little legs. She must be exhausted. Just got home from dancing, lovely and cool outside, inside still warm. Julius fast asleep on the floor in the lounge room.

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    • I only had to mention the word bed and she was climbing into her travel kennel. Out like a light. I had to keep her in the car for half of the cemetery trip yesterday, for fear of snakes in the long grass surrounding the place – it is mown around most of the graves though. That cemetery is getting a post of it’s own. 🙂


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