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Wattpad. I’ve started!

I’ve started publishing my novel, Taniel, on Wattpad. I’m going to post three scenes a week until it is done. I’ll still be publishing the first ebook on Amazon and Smashwords, come 13th April 2016. I’m so excited that I have finally taken this first step!

Interim cover and serie

Taniel. The interim cover and series title

This temporary cover was made on Canva, and the series title isn’t the real one. One specific word in the real title comes up just once in a google search, so it’s staying secret until April. And I thought Taniel was a made up name until I went to Wattpad.


12 thoughts on “Wattpad. I’ve started!

    • Apparently there are millions of people there, Tess, with over half of them girls. Must be some people who will find and like my work, so there is nothing to lose. I’ll share my experiences – when I have some. The story creation part is easy and resultant presentation is really good.

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    • It looks more like itself, now that I have changed the cover, Janet. Oh gosh, I’m still only halfway through your memoir. I’ve been reading so much about writing and self-publishing that I’ve neglected reading for pleasure. And your anecdotes are pleasurable!


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