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Looking out for cats

belladonnas near the footbridge

walking in the rain yesterday (see? I can straighten images if I want)


Vika is always on the lookout for cats

Vika is always on the lookout for cats – they live over there


dog meets cat

and this morning there is one basking in the sunshine


dog chases cat

I thought it would just swipe Vika across the nose – but it ran home, but only as far as the end of Vika’s leash. Not much difference in size, nor colour.


No dogs or cats were harmed in my exercise in stupidity. Vika could have lost an eye!

Have a good day.  🙂




17 thoughts on “Looking out for cats

  1. sue says:

    Siamese cat lived down the road from us, & I used to walk our German Shepherd around the block. The damn cat would stalk us, very creepy/scary. He even came into our front yard and would sit on the grass looking in the glass doors. Nasty little brute he was and wouldn’t back down if you approached him. His owner finally put him down when he slashed her with his claws. Funny how she used to laugh at his behaviour before that. His name – King.

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    • I don’t have to worry about snakes on my walk near the footbridge, as the house just there is home to oodles of cats. I love seeing kitten play there sometimes. This one (white with a ginger tail!) has rubbed noses with Vika before, and once eye-balled her from a foot away when Vika ran out of leash, so I was surprised it made a run for it. Probably only because we were between it and home (behind us). Siamese are a different kettle of fish, that’s for sure. I find them a bit creepy. Stalking a German Shepherd? There you go then, proves it!


  2. That first picture is lovely, Christine. I like the second of Vika from under the umbrella, too. It looks like you put thought into the alignment of the umbrella with the fence. If you didn’t, just lie and say you did. 😉

    Glad the cat ran. I don’t believe in free-roaming so-called domestic cats. They can be beautiful and loving pets inside homes. Outside, they are non-native, highly-destructive to native wildlife–entire ecosystems–and big spreaders of disease.

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    • You are right, Babe, I did line up the umbrella, cos I thought I shouldn’t include the house. And lined it up so the fence (footbridge railing) was straight. These cats are well fed, at home , but not confined. We have strict laws now, they must be registered for a start.

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