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On my fence: rainbow lorikeets

Yesterday, when I put out some seed and bread the lorikeets were already among the blossoms in the gum tree, unbeknownst to me. They squawked, letting me know so I stayed and coaxed them down. I still had my camera phone in my pocket from walking the dog.

rainbow lorikeets on my front fence

Rainbow Lorikeets on my front fence.


I have to move that pond from there as it gets too much litter from the gum tree. I thought it might, which is why I never finished off around the bottom pond. I’ve seen some of the little honey-eaters and the sparrows use the middle pond.

Have a good day.  🙂


13 thoughts on “On my fence: rainbow lorikeets

    • I’m still thrilled whenever I see them – they’ve been about for a few years but coming to my fence for less than that. Your cardinals are breathtaking against snow in images, so red! I can’t imagine how good they look like in real life. Thanks for dropping in, Nancy.

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    • It does, Sue. And I was thinking of building myself a comfy bird-hide just behind those shrubs. I’m thinking of putting it near the front door, it’ll be closer to a power point for the fountain pump and will get less leaves and bark in it. The Manna gum is dropping tiny gum-nut caps in it at the moment. It’ll be safer up that end for the birds, from wandering cats, being enclosed on three sides and open space on the last.


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