Bees & Bugs

Bugs bugging me.

I’ve just spent ages trying to identify the red bug – no luck. I expect it is some type of what we as kids called soldier beetles, but they aren’t really. They don’t appear to have wings at all.


bee, bugs, on mint


Both images taken with the Nokia Lumia 520.



skipper butterfly, bug, on mint


There’s more than one breed of bug in these images, but two have the little circles up the back of their abdomen. Let me know if you have something like these in your part of the world.

I’ve dilly-dallied enough today. I’m off to get stuck into my novel. I must finish this revision and editing by March 15th so I will have a month to make ready for publishing.  This evening, I will be back to take part in Irene’s challenge: Times Past. The subject this week is laundry. (LATER: Tomorrow, didn’t get time as I worked on my novel until time to go out to work at 5pm. Mentally exhausted! )

Have a good day, and thanks for dropping by.    🙂




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