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Haiku: Life vs Nature

RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge #85:

Another interesting word combination for the weekly Haiku challenge from Ronovan.

The words: Tight & Warm



 I’ve used Haiku in the English Form ( 5  /  7/  5 syllables).

The two sentences:
Seasons, warm and cold: ruled by the sky-crossing sun.
Ruled by the sky-crossing sun, our time tightens, spent.


The Opposites: Life vs Nature
The seasons march on but our time on the earthly plane is limited. I’ve been meaning to be more mindful, but I often get to bedtime and wish I had accomplished more in my day. I’m 61 now and the time allotted to me is ever more precious and appreciated. It must not be wasted.


Image:  I fished about in my PC archives and found this one, from last June – the beginning of our winter.  Now, Autumn is fast approaching most of Australia. Leaves have begun turning, not waiting for the official March start.  [Nokia Lumia 520: cropped; canvas effect, fake lens flare, and text applied in GIMP.]


4 thoughts on “Haiku: Life vs Nature

  1. Interesting haiku Christine. Thought provoking one and I liked your bit about the time you have and using it wisely etc.
    A minute or hour lost can never be regained can it? But there must be time also for fun and relaxation in busy lives.

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    • Oh yes, I never lose time on relaxation, Effy. Even ‘just’ watching a movie with Mr R (we take turns picking one on our Presto subscription) is quality time spent together – and I take notice of plot points and character arcs almost without thinking. I must come over to your blog – right now, while I have a few minutes up my sleeve. 🙂

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