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Outside my kitchen window

crimson rosella on ground

this crimson rosella has just flown down from the tree – that’s why his tail is askew.


On Wednesday, taken with the Nikon D3000.

Usually three rosellas arrive to shelter in the tree by our kitchen wall only during extreme heat, but they arrived early, in anticipation, while it was under 30C.



crimson rosella on a rock in the water dish

When we came home from work, six tiny birds crowded close to the kitchen window, looking in at me. They might have been baby sparrows. Of course, they were now longer crowding cutely on the branch when I grabbed the Nikon. Only the one remained and it was hidden behind leaves, so no useful shot there.

And then there is this one. About 13cm. No idea what it is, and all my bird books are hiding. This morning, I saw another bird like it down by the footbridge.

bird, a possible Jacky Winter

unidentified bird


Have a good day.  I’m looking forward to the weekend.     🙂



12 thoughts on “Outside my kitchen window

    • This one knew I was there at the window and didn’t let it worry it. Another wouldn’t come down out of the tree, though it wanted too. I’m really pleased with how it turned out.


    • T rarely see these ones at the seed, but they love the water and shade. They forage pretty well for themselves in the garden. Giving the cypress pods a go at the moment and no doubt fat on my apples, peaches and nectarines. Must get some bird netting, next year.


    • It seemed a little smaller than the New Holland honeyeater, and I thought it might be a female one, but then found both sexes are coloured pretty much the same.

      I’ve just gone and found my ‘Slater Field Guide to Australian Birds’ so I shall go make another cuppa and peruse it. 🙂


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