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In my garden

It has rained these last few days, bringing cooler weather, and  snails.

looking down on two snails

looking down: snails in the wet (Nokia Lumia 520)


Before the rain, we had very hot days and blue skies, with droves of bees loving the flowering ivy. At this time last year, we had lots of wasps but it looks like the bees are winning in 2016.

two bees enjoying the bounty of ivy flowers

looking up: two bees enjoying the bounty of ivy flowers (Nokia Lumia 520)


I hope you are having a good day.  Thanks for looking.   🙂





10 thoughts on “In my garden

  1. What a stunning photo of the snails, Christine. I’m glad for you that the bees are winning. I read an article last year where the theme was that bees could become an endangered species due to pesticides and lost of habitat.

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    • Apparently the bees are coming back because a lot of people are making an effort to attract them or keep hives themselves. They aren’t in quite as much danger in Australia, as in Europe but do face the same problems. We get a lot of bees as we have active honey-farmers around here, mainly to produce honey from the ironbark forests. I’ve heard that some farmers are putting aside an area for hives so their products will be sure to be pollinated.

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