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Butterfly: Common Grass Blue

I had no idea how beautiful these butterflies are until I looked at this one through the lens of the Nikon D3000.  I found it difficult to focus with the sunny glare of the mint flowers. I was using the Nikon on auto, so I had to wait until the little black square/s showed up in the right places.  I guess I will learn how to adjust things once I apply myself.

common grass blue butterfly on mint blossom

common grass blue butterfly on mint blossom


Wikipedia says …

Zizina labradus, commonly known as the Common Grass Blue, Grass Blue, or Clover Blue, is a small Australian butterfly of the Lycaenidae family.

The wingspans of females are slightly larger than males, females having a wingspan of 23 mm and males 20 mm


common grass blue butterfly on mint blossom


Another website informed me that the females have more of the grey wash over the blue  than the male and have wider brown wing margins – so I reckon this is a female.




I love the silvery sheen.

Have a good day, and thanks for looking.  🙂



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