Looking out our tent: the view to the left - trees
Sally D's Mobile Photography Challenge, Travels

Sally D’s mobile photo challenge: Travel

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Challenger’s Choice. Sally has a fascinating pair of photos in her entry this week (as usual)

 4th Monday Challenger’s Choice (Pick One: Abstraction, Animals, Architecture, Food Photography, Night Photography, Objects, Panorama, Portraiture, Still Life, Street Photography, and Travel).

I took three cameras with me on our recent holiday to Condo – the Nikon D3000 DSLR  and the Nokia Lumia 520 & 530 window phones. I use the 530 as a phone and camera, and the 520 as a camera only. I used to be satisfied with the macro images produced by the latter before the Nikon arrived.

Condobolin is near the geographical centre of New South Wales and is a six hour drive from my home in Central Victoria, plus stoppages.


Our tent

Our tent, displaying our rubbish bags (yes, we recycled). We sort of spread over sites 9 & 10. My sister-in-law gave me an Elders (a stock agency) chair when I had mishap with mine. We didn’t set up facing the river because it was more private facing the other way.



We set up our tent in the Condobolin Caravan Park, arriving the Thursday afternoon and leaving Easter Monday morning.  The bathroom facilities were clean and modern and the grounds well maintained. The Lachlan River frontage was a bit of a disappointment, though the weir was pretty. Our power lead was too short to set up the tent beyond the range of errant tree limbs so we set up on a caravan site.

We could have had a concrete patio, but didn’t think of that. The featured image (top) shows you the view on our left as we looked out from the front doorway.

My brother turned up to help put up the tent. A little awkward – apart from those valuable 45 minutes last October, I hadn’t seen him since 1988. Neither of us really knew what to expect from the other. A few phone conversations isn’t the same as the reality of face-to-face. We have lost two siblings now. We needed this time together before it was too late.



looking towards the amenities

Looking to the right . We didn’t have lush green grass under us. The caretakers were a bit zealous: mowing and whipper-snipping on an Easter Sunday!


Below is a very happy me on Easter Sunday when we had our photo session. I really must do something about getting new dentures, and it is always a shock to see how much weight I carry. I also must learn not to talk when people are taking pictures. Just shut up woman!



a very happy me, with my very tall bro’


Easter Chocolate?  I had one block of 70% cocoa chocolate. I managed to make it last several days. I indulged in a bottle of Merlot given to me at Christmas, and had the obligatory stubby of beer after setting up the tent.

You can expect more  about my trip tomorrow.  

I haven’t done a thing with my novel for over a week. I can’t see how I will meet my self-imposed deadline mid-April. Yeah … bet not one of you is surprised.

Have a good day.   🙂

(All images taken with the Nokia Lumia 520.)







15 thoughts on “Sally D’s mobile photo challenge: Travel

  1. sue says:

    Rather an easy challenge, considering the amount of time you have had gadding around lately. So glad you had chance to have some time with your brother. Yes, it is awkward at first, you don’t know what to talk about. Don’t talk about weight, I used to poke fun at my grandmother, referring to her figure as a bag of wheat with a belt around the middle, think it must be genetic, I try not to look at myself sideways in the mirror. Don’t worry about the book, as you said, that’s a self imposed deadline, so it can be elastic.

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  2. LOL. The hardest part was finding photos taken on one of the mobiles. I was lucky that Jim and Mr R got on well, they found plenty to talk about when I shut up. I’m back on working my way up to 10,000 steps a day, again. I was supposed to go back for a cholesterol test a few weeks ago but I hardly see the point. I’ll go towards the end of this month. Thanks for dropping in Sue. Always appreciated. I hope your renovations are over and you can get back to ‘normal’.


    • sue says:

      Not finished yet, all the subbies, except the floor guys, have done their jobs (although the roof tilers did a bit of damage when they washed the tiles so they could be sprayed with roof seal to match the others, water got under the tiles and a part of the ceiling in the lounge has sagged, Alec’s mate will help him lift it and re-attach it) now Alec just has to sand and paint, of course being a man didn’t bother to cover anything when he started sanding, so that means extra cleaning after that is all done (hate plaster dust, it seeps into everything and you have to wipe it down with damp cloths, and because they are damp they leave a white film which has to be cleaned off}, hope he is going to do most of it. Things will gradually get back to “normal”.

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