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Condo Trip: Billie the orphaned joey

As we checked in at the office of the Riverview Caravan Park (Condolin, NSW), I noticed a flyer taped on the counter top. It introduced Billie and asked visitors to watch out for him while driving in the grounds. His mother had been shot a few months previously and the joey was being hand-reared by the caretakers – Mark and Ally.

Billie, young kangaroo



We didn’t see Billie until the next morning. While his  caretakers cleaned the BBQ, Billie hopped about investigating the new arrivals.

The pop-top caravan he is looking at arrived not long after we did.  He came over and hopped about for awhile. Eventually he went back to the cabin end of the caravan park.

I took lots of photos and couldn’t decide which ones to share so you get the lot.

Our little dog, Vika, was not very impressed. She sees kangaroos about our place of a night and is a little frightened, I think. She gave a bark as soon as she saw Billie and we thought “Oh no!” but she pacified easily enough. She didn’t take her eyes off the young kangaroo and kept up a  low growl.


Vika, our dog



These photos were taken on the Nikon D3000, but I don’t think I was awake properly. It was set on auto, and I may have messed with a focus setting because these didn’t turn out as sharp as I would have liked.



Just click on any image to go to the slideshow. They are cropped into all sorts of sizes.



Apart from a brief glimpse on the following day, we didn’t see Billie again. Tomorrow, I shall tell you about the Condo750 which was going on over the Easter weekend.

Have a good day.   🙂


10 thoughts on “Condo Trip: Billie the orphaned joey

  1. We had a similar experience while we were living in the Adelaide Hills. Lots of kangaroos lived across the road in a nature reserve and they like to hop across the road and drink from our river (the very beginning of the Sturt River flowed through our property). One day one of the females was hit by a car and killed – and her young joey came looking for her in our garden (I think he was also looking for food). Paul had built a gigantic dog kennel (that we didn’t use because we didn’t get a dog after all) which was just sitting under a large tree in the garden — and the joey took up residence in the kennel. He lived there right through winter and eventually moved back across the road when spring came. We left him alone – apart from checking to see that he was OK – because we wanted him to be able to reintegrate into the mob and he did, most successfully! He still used to pop in and visit from time to time, but gradually forgot all about us 🙂

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    • They are amusing to watch as they forage. It was a lucky joey to find accommodation laid on at your place. This one can easily leave over on one side of the caravan park, and can just as easily end up on the road. At least he is learning about cars while there and I suppose he will wander off with kangaroo visitors one night when he is older. Thanks for dropping in Paula.

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  2. sue says:

    Now there are two awwwww stories. Nice to see that people care about the poor little critters and help care for them until they fly the nest.

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