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Drawing a Wyvern next

Hello people. I’m drawing a wyvern next – using a turorial from DragoArt again.  Today, I got myself a little set of Mont Marte woodless graphite pencils. I have never even heard of EE before, apparently 50/50 charcoal and graphite. This dragon is going to be a shading experience.


Thanks for looking. ❤


13 thoughts on “Drawing a Wyvern next

  1. I was just going through my Reader and I found your post. It reminded me of two things. One is the publication of your book. Has that happened yet? I hope you’ll let me know when it is. The second is a silly thing really. At the moment, my third book has the title of ‘Wyvern of Wessex’ (although it could change). So you see, my eyes were automatically drawn to your post. Enjoy your art work. Best wishes, Millie.

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    • Hello Millie, you must have missed my message last time you asked! The FINAL date change will see it on Amazon on July 1st (the beginning of our financial year) at 8:30 pm, my time – see, I have even worked out the time. I’ve made this date sacred.
      I have 50% of ‘Taniel’ on Wattpad now, and almost 1000 page reads with an adequate proportion of votes to reads. I’m honing each scene (again!) before posting.
      Wyverns are popular on coats of arms, so I guess that’s how your title came about.
      Thanks for asking. 🙂

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