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Rainbow Lorikeet & Progress on ‘Taniel’

The rainbow lorikeet – just the one. I’m not fearful for its partner, because it has come alone before. As it often does, it allowed me to get close by with the Nikon D3000.




Because I have my author’s website with GoDaddy, I’ve been able to pick another free learning program from Shaw Academy. Last time I chose a design course – which was really an introduction to the Adobe suite which I’m not interested in. This time I chose photography. It began last week, but I haven’t started it yet. The Nikon D3000 is on auto, so I consider myself lucky for this next shot.




I love this next one!




I’m still busy with editing and rewriting ‘Taniel’.  I have decided to keep this title and the cover – I need to improve the legibility of the text, though.

wattpad2I call my novel Fantasy Romance, but I’m wondering if it is chick-lit with dragons! I’ve also discovered that there may be more humour to my writing than I intended – now who is surprised at that?

I have 50% of my novel on Wattpad now, and gaining a few new readers every now and then. One girl is so enthusiastic that I’m not sure if she is taking the micky! Perhaps I have just found my One True Fan – the one I can write for.One a darker side, someone added Taniel to a reading list of 160 novels of a racy nature. They haven’t responded to my query. I’ll have to keep my eye on that one!

While editing, I added in yet another story line and that has slowed me down because I had to go back and write yet more scenes. Plus I’m too damned fussy – just spent four days on 1300 words I thought I had edited enough already – just because I knew I hadn’t nailed the floor plan of  a castle! I had one too many set of stairs my duo had to negotiate plus I said ‘door’ far too many times. The pursuit of perfection is a curse – and I will still miss things. In a way, it is very liberating to share on Wattpad. I’ve held this story so close for so long and it is a relief to get it out into the world of readers.

I’m determined to self-publish on Amazon on 1st July 2016. I will not put it off again.

Thanks for reading. Take care.  ❤




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    • Thank you, Janet. I am up to 1000 scene reads on Wattpad, now, so I’m thrilled. And I have a few helpful readers who tell me when they get confused. The experience is very positive and motivating.


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