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jonquil (Nikon D3000)


I was playing with the Nikon the other day and found there is not much to look at in my garden on a gloomy day. This is what happened with one of the jonquil photos and I’m really excited about the possibilities – once I know what I am doing! This image was cropped, but that’s all.

Thanks for looking. I hope you are having a good day.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Jonquil

  1. sue says:

    A very professional photo. It looks like a “posed” photo, the simplicity and the detail is great. The Nikon is a great asset, not that your earlier photo’s have anything wrong, they are all extremely good, it’s just that you are having fun with the new equipment and that shows.

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    • I was amazed at how the background shadows turned out so dark.. I had a few good-looking ones, but this is my favourite because of how that bud/seedpod/ leaf is highlighted. Imagine how clever I will feel when I know what I’m doing! Thanks, Sue.

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