White-browed Babblers

This a new bird, to me. I had no idea what I was taking photos of, for the six or so birds kept moving about in shadowed apple tree in our backyard. Lucky for me, they stopped off in this other tree in the sun.  Just before the last one flew away, I noticed the white on their heads and I knew I had a bird I had never seen before. I was pretty excited when I had managed a couple of reasonable pics to use as identification.

front, white-browed babbler

white-browed babbler

two white-browed babblers

white-browed babblers


I took these photos a few weeks ago before I set the Nikon D3000 on the very highest quality JPG image, so they have cropped small.


Birds in Backyards website says…
The White-browed Babbler is a small dark brown-grey bird with a white throat, a white tipped tail and a long, pointed curved bill. It has a distinct white brow and dark eye stripe. The tail is long and graduated, with a rounded tip and is often held raised or fanned. It is a very active bird that is often found in noisy social groups. It is also known as the Chatterer, Cackler or Yahoo.

It seems that they eat almost anything. Thanks for looking.

Have a good weekend.   🙂


3 thoughts on “White-browed Babblers

  1. sue says:

    You are very observant. Apart from the obvious ones, like galah, cockie, magpie, willie wagtail etc., if i see a bird I am not familiar with I don’t think anything other than “it’s a bird” without even thinking about finding out what it is. Good on you.

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