New Holland Honeyeaters

We have a small flock of resident New Holland Honeyeaters in our yard. They love hanging about in our ivy-infested apple tree. The blighters never, ever, pose in decent light when I have a camera.

four new holland honeyeaters

four New Holland Honeyeaters

preening honeyeaters

three New Holland honeyeaters preening


These photos were taken during the week using the Nikon D3000 DSLR, on auto. Images cropped and sharpened in GIMP.

sparrow and honeyeater

sparrow and honeyeater



sparrow and honeyeater


It is a sunny day today and I expect these birds will taunt me again! They will flit and twirl and fluff and preen. They will vanish as soon as I return with a camera. [sigh]

I’m still flat out every day rewriting and editing and getting the odd scene up on Wattpad – 66 parts so far. Today I start editing a scene with over 2000 words and, at the speed I’m going, it will take me all week. I want to get it done today. I run my scenes through Autocrit and by the time I take out repetitive words and phrases, cliches, reduce the passive speech, showing vs telling, I end up with a better scene.

Thanks for dropping in. Do have a good weekend.  🙂



11 thoughts on “New Holland Honeyeaters

  1. :0 I’m thinking about Crows. I have been trying to get a decent photo of a glossy black crow for years – they are too conniving to allow it. They tempt me, then fly away at the last second. Frustrating.

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    • Hi Olga, I fished your comment out of spam. I don’t know what you were doing in there! I’m enjoying my Wattpad journey. I have my haikus in a book on there, too, and. I must get back to making some more. I miss the challenge. Thanks for dropping in.

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      • Thanks for fishing my comment out. I’ve been denied the enjoyment of blogging communication for over 2 months now. Most of my comments are sent to spam, but I still continue to try sporadically. It’s very sad. I’ve done multiple thing to try and correct this problem, but nothing has helped so far. Glad your enjoying Wattpad. How do I find you on Wattpad?

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        • This one got through just fine, I’m pleased to say. I am under my name in Wattpad, no use being coy when I am already plastered across the web – christinejrandall will find me, and my book is ‘Taniel’. Look forward to connecting there and reading your stories, Olga.

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          • I’ll pop in later and check out your book. Hope you do read my stories and tell me what you think. I didn’t get too much feedback while I was there, so I was glad to find WP. By the way, my comments aren’t affected in the notifications section of WP, only when I comment on other posts.

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          • I have found on Wattpad that the key is participation. My book actually got as high as 459 in the fantasy rankings – that doesn’t mean it is any good, but I posted new ‘parts’ often enough and had enough reader engagement.

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          • I think the fantasy theme is very popular on Wattpad and elsewhere. I’m not a fantasy writer though. At one time when writing became addictive, I did post almost daily, but lacked the followers. I hadn’t learned until WP that one must read and comment on other writers’ posts in order to build a community. Now I know.

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  2. sue says:

    With all the other beautiful birds you give us we don’t mind. Put your head down and keep working. Hope it is all working out ok, you have set yourself a big challenge. Try and get some time outside, the last couple of days have been beautiful. Last night was 2 degrees from what I heard, it was 4 degrees before I finally climbed out of bed. Have a good weekend.

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    • Yeah, I keep underestimating my progress on the novel – or rather, the amount of timd I need for doing what needs to be done. I’ve found it quicker just to rewrite the scene anew, than trying to repair. The first rewrite is getting cleaner. I’m getting outside, but not gardening yet. I actually did dig up some belladonna bulbs from down by the footbridge this year and they are growing well. I’ll get a shock when that first flower stalk pops up though!


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