Superb Fairy-wren


You know, until recently, I thought the Suberb Fairy-wren (usually called blue wren) in my garden migrated. It would vanish and then reappear towards the end of winter, heralding the arrival of Spring. I did wonder about the fairy-wrens with which he consorted for they stayed. I felt such an idiot  –  me, who thought I knew a bit about birds – when I discovered he has been here all the time. He changes his plumage. I watched for the change this year, and sure enough, I saw it. There is always only the one, but his little group of females and young grows each year.


blue wren




I’ve been trying to catch him in full plumage all week and this morning he was still in place when I fetched my camera (Nikon D3000). He was outside the back door. Curious at the sound of the shutter, he flew up to the window and posed for me. Needless to say, I was thrilled with the images, despite the grubby window pane.


superb blue wren

outside the window, on the grapevine






Thanks for looking. Do have a good day.  🙂


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  1. I love them. Currently I have a Robin Red Breast fluttering itself against the car mirror for the last 2 days. Had a go at videoing it this morning, but haven’t checked it since.

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