Sally D's Mobile Photography Challenge

Bees in Equalized Colour

There are 5 Mondays in the month of August, thus Sally’s theme this week is editing and processing.  Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge. 

I took these photos of a bee on peach blossom this morning with the Nokia Lumia 520 windows phone, on auto.

In GIMP – I wondered what ‘auto equalize colour’ would do. My eyes popped.

Cropped in IrfanView. Scaled, auto equalized colour, and optimized for the web in GIMP (the free Gnu Image Manipulation Program). Then, on the page here, I thought they looked like they needed a bit of something else so I applied frame masking in FastStone Image Viewer (mask number 21 with black background). It looked more interesting than a black frame around the edge.


Mequalizedexspringbees 190


Mequalizedspringbees 167


Mequalizedexspringbees 182


Mequalizedexspringbees 181


Mequalizedexspringbees 165



I could play with images for days! Now I see why Sally is hooked on photo-montages.

I have been visiting blogs, too, so please do not pass out with shock should you spot me. I have been kicking myself, as I didn’t realise just how much I missed you all until I started catching up.

Thanks for looking!  Have a good day. 


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    • Hi Janet. Both the apps are free. GIMP can do pretty much what Photoshop can do – for free. Works with Linux and Windows. A steep learning curve, though. I love playing with the different things the free programs can do.


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