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A Daily Walk in Greyscale

I’m sharing these photos for Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black and White
On her blog, Sally shares two fascinating examples of street art.

Here are some of the sensory moments I have each day when walking Vika. Changing the images to B&W breaks them down to the basic elements capturing my attention.

The feature photo shows flowering clover and belladonna straps, down by the footbridge at the end of our service road.



bare tree limbs against the sky



the textures of pine bark and dried pine needles



the majesty of clouds



the fascinating balls on an American sycamore tree


light play on clover flower stalks

The light play on clover flower stalks intrigued me for weeks.


vika waiting

And Vika says what the heck are you doing down there! She waits patiently.


All taken during August with the Nokia Lumia 530 Windows Phone.

Thanks for looking. Do have a good day.  🙂




11 thoughts on “A Daily Walk in Greyscale

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    I am so glad I have colour vision, even though the pictures are beautiful in their multitude shades of grey, to see them in their full colour is a blessing of nature. My commiserations to those who are colour blind.

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