Birds, Taniel


The fairy-wren hasn’t posed outside my window again, so I’ve had to settle for these distant shots from the Nikon D3000 SLR, on auto.



Four of the female fairy-wrens have vanished. I expect that they have been enticed away by another male. I miss them all flitting about my yard.




If I whistle at the blue fairy-wren, the feathers on top of his head stand erect and he gives a bit of a warble of his own. I took this picture through the kitchen window. Just seeing me was enough to get him declaring his dominance.

Thanks for looking.

I’m still busy with this book. I was stressing myself over the formatting for Amazon and I’ve had to rein myself in and get more sleep so that the brain will work better. When I exported from Scrivener into Word, I ended up with two different fonts and spacings – don’t ask me how I managed that. Then, in attempt to create a .mobi, I managed to do something which froze things and now I think I’ve corrupted my Scrivener project file.

I copied all 96 scenes, one by one, from Wattpad into yWriter5. I have missed the clean lines and organisation of yWriter and it was so good to be back with it that I’ve rewritten two more scenes, since, for Wattpad. I still haven’t formatted the dashed eBook for setting up that pre-order and it doesn’t even matter what it looks like inside as no-one sees it until it is released.I am my own worst enemy sometimes. Thanks for listening to me moan.

I’ve decided to draft book two during NaNoWriMo. This next one is not taking 5 years. I’m having it done in six months, or less. It’s only 85,000 words or so. Wish me luck!






13 thoughts on “Fairy-wren

  1. Imaging you whistle to them is so fun!
    And sending you good luck with your book! How exciting 😊
    And so much work too! I am finishing some projects this month and distractions can zap momentum – I hope your formatting is smoothed out ❤️

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    • Thanks for your good wishes, Y. I’ll get the formatting done this week, for my peace of mind. I’ll get hung up on the cover, too, but that can be changed anytime if I make a mistake with the presentation.

      I stated whistling at the fairy-wren to make it curious but I think it thought I was trying to steal his lady friend so he would bristle up, whistle and then go check on her.

      All the best with your projects!

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      • ha! that is funny that he might have thought that – and thanks for the wishes – some distractions this last week – but back on track now….
        argh – not a fun part – the editing and all that – but we push on…

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  2. sue ouzounis says:

    Beautiful little birds. Your stressing too much. Your brain needs a bit of a break. Something physical could help, like ripping out the blackberries, weeding out the onion weed with a butter knife and edging the lawn with fingernail scissors. Then when your flat on your back after all the exertion and strained muscles and that disc finally popped, you will go back to it with a fresh outlook on things. eg., WHY DID I EVER LISTEN TO SUE,

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    • LOL. I have promised myself lots of weeding before the ground dries out. Some of the grass is nearly three feet high! I have resorted to housework and washing the dog these last two days. I found a beaut tutorial – step-by-step tutorial on converting from Scrivener to eBook and discovered what markdown is, sort of, and it will take control of the italics. So, to overcome my Scrivner glitch I started a new project, imprted the chapters from word, and now I’m popping the scenes back into scenes thus overcoming the different styles I had going in the other. Tomorrow, I will finished doing that, then begin the tutorial. And it will be sweet. I love blue wrens!


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