I’m nearly published.

A pre-order eBook is not exactly published, but it is pretty close. I pressed the button yesterday and it went live before I went to bed. The feeling I have is indescribable.

Taniel: A Corrangorach Fantasy (Book I – The Taverner’s Daughter)  will be released on January 20, 2017 – my mum’s birthday.

I have plenty of time to give it a decent revision. To that end, I have signed up to Holly Lisle’s revision course and I will begin the process this week. I rue all the years I’ve wasted fiddling with moving sentences around and editing instead of a proper revision. Giving myself time to check formatting, I’ll have to have the final file uploaded the first week of January.

My blurb… (pending the recent update to the live version, and I changed the cover to the one shown here)

Taniel: A Corrangorach Fantasy (Book I – The Taverner’s Daughter) 

Mistaking a leather-clad wizard for a dragonrider, the taverner’s daughter agrees to binding vows after he reveals her ability to dragonspeech: Jarryd hopes for a magic-saving paternity spell and Taniel just wants his dragon.

Of course, it is not that simple. It never is.

Jarryd’s family has their own plans for Taniel and they do not want his interference. Taniel’s father is little help, having problems of his own, surrounded and all by good grog and a guilty conscious for hiding a magical heritage – and other secrets.

Add talking dragons, a gallivanting Grandmaster Wizard, kidnappings, a wicked stepfather, seductive shape shifting winged wizards, a witch or two, plotting land-locked pirates, spies, rumour of  rockgoblins, a failing magical barrier, and stir well.

What you get is a Corrangorach Fantasy.

I chose my two categories as Fantasy: Epic & Romance:Fantasy. I’m not so sure about the epic bit.

I’m excited, as you can imagine.



Thanks for looking and thanks for being part of my journey to this point.   🙂


8 thoughts on “I’m nearly published.

    • Thanks for your encouragement along the way, Tess. I’ll work hard on the revision and get writing the next book in the series. I want it out in 5 months not another 5 years! I’m going to enroll in Kindle Select and take advantage of their system of countdown deals and free days, get the book in front of their subscription readers. I’ll go wider when book 2 is done, and into print on demand, as well. That will be exciting, to hold a real book in my hands. 🙂


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