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Butterfly: Yellow Admiral

I found this butterfly on top of my car after a night of rain. Unfortunately, it was missing bits and I’m pretty sure it was dead.  I put it on top of my wheelie bin for photos.(Nikon D3000)


It is another of our painted lady butterflies – the Vanessa itea –  the Australian admiral aka yellow admiral. I can’t recall seeing one before.


Wikipedia says…

The yellow admiral or Australian admiral (Vanessa itea) is a butterfly native to Australia, New Zealand, Lord Howe Island, and Norfolk Islands. The Māori name is kahukowhai, which means “yellow cloak”. The yellow admiral is a member of the family Nymphalidae, the sub-family Nymphalinae as well as the tribe Nymphalini.

The pretty grapevine moth has returned but I’m unable to catch it settled enough for a photo. There is also an orange butterfly with the blue wing eyes that I photographed a year or two ago (I’ll share those photos tomorrow) and I’ve been chasing around a pair of lovely frilly looking white butterflies with black edges on their wings.

Thanks for looking. I’ll try to get around to a few blogs over the coming days, so don’t get too big a shock if you see me!

Have a good day.  🙂





7 thoughts on “Butterfly: Yellow Admiral

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    Poor little thing. Don’t really notice moths and caterpillars any more. Usually have my head down watching that I don’t trip over the cracks in the footpath. Don’t think there are as many though. At Julius’ school they have a butterfly garden and they encourage the children to look but don’t touch. We used to see huge Bogong months when rain was coming. And Emperor gum moths always left me disappointed after their caterpillar disguise vanished.

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