Had a lovely surprise in the garden, this afternoon. Spotted a Australian Admiral aka Yellow Admiral (kahukowhai in Maori, New Zealand). I knew I’d seen this type here before, but not a living specimen. I blogged about finding a dead one on my car bonnet one morn. 

Thanks for looking.

Butterflies & Moths

Vanessa itea: Yellow Admiral

Butterflies & Moths

Butterfly: Yellow Admiral

I found this butterfly on top of my car after a night of rain. Unfortunately, it was missing bits and I’m pretty sure it was dead.  I put it on top of my wheelie bin for photos.(Nikon D3000)


It is another of our painted lady butterflies – the Vanessa itea –  the Australian admiral aka yellow admiral. I can’t recall seeing one before.


Wikipedia says…

The yellow admiral or Australian admiral (Vanessa itea) is a butterfly native to Australia, New Zealand, Lord Howe Island, and Norfolk Islands. The Māori name is kahukowhai, which means “yellow cloak”. The yellow admiral is a member of the family Nymphalidae, the sub-family Nymphalinae as well as the tribe Nymphalini.

The pretty grapevine moth has returned but I’m unable to catch it settled enough for a photo. There is also an orange butterfly with the blue wing eyes that I photographed a year or two ago (I’ll share those photos tomorrow) and I’ve been chasing around a pair of lovely frilly looking white butterflies with black edges on their wings.

Thanks for looking. I’ll try to get around to a few blogs over the coming days, so don’t get too big a shock if you see me!

Have a good day.  🙂