I love it when I learn something new.

All my life -I’m nearly 62 now – I’ve been calling this common white butterfly a cabbage moth. I took these pictures the other day and I thought I should find out if it really was a moth. As I suspected, it’s not.


Wikipedia says…

Pieris rapae, the small white, is a small- to medium-sized butterfly species of the whites-and-yellows family Pieridae. It is also known as the small cabbage white and in New Zealand, simply as white butterfly….

It is widespread and populations are found across Europe, North Africa, Asia, South America, and Great Britain. It has also been accidentally introduced to North America, Australia and New Zealand.


My dad was a great one for growing vegetables. I can recall one weekend, when these mo… er… cabbage whites were really troublesome, he employed a few of us kids in their destruction. Armed with tennis rackets, we got lots of exercise. Feels so very wicked, now.

I can’t believe it’s nearly the weekend again already! I have worked really hard on my revision this week and am still loving Taniel. That must be a good sign.

I had my quarterly checkup this morning. The nurse started me on a new Annual Plan which means I get 3 free physio sessions and 2 podiatry visits during 2017. Last year, physio did wonders for my sore hips and included acupuncture. I ended up paying for two extra visits as I did need more treatment. I can’t imagine having that sort of pain for any length of time. It was horrible.

Unfortunately, I’ve ignored exercise and diet since my last checkup and am now the weight I was several years ago. But, I’m starting again with the usual resolutions. Before signing off on the nurse’s report the doctor checked a couple of spots on my face. Since they have irregular edges, she is going to chop one out next Thursday and have it checked. I’ve been slack with the sunscreen – despite knowing the dangers or UV. I reckon it’s just a sunspot though.

Thanks for reading and do have a great weekend.  🙂



Butterflies & Moths

Small White:Pieris rapae


2 thoughts on “Small White:Pieris rapae

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    I have been doing the same thing, though I did notice that sometimes there was this delicate looking cabbage moth flying around and just thought it was either a young one, had eaten more or was just another type. Dad kinda gave up growing veg. caterpillars in the cabbage, white fly on the mint, codling moth in the apples and aphids & harlequin bugs feasting on just about everything else. The passionfruit vine, fig tree and quince trees were the only ones the little critters left alone, but you had to be quick to beat the birds to the figs.

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    • Growing your own veg hardly seems worth it. That said, last time I was in Bendigo I got a punnet of parsley and one of silverbeet. All doing well. Somehow there was one lettuce seedling in one of the punnets and it is doing well, too! There is a smaller white butterfly which I thought was a cabbage white, but when I looked closer it has a fake head on the end of its wings – like two eyes and a little tail thing. I must find those photos. I was hoping to get some better ones but I haven’t seen it again.


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