Published, at last!  Just in case you haven’t noticed over at, I thought I better tell you!  This will be the only promotion I’m doing on this blog.


Thank you all for being part of my long and arduous writing journey! Last week, I pressed publish, a few days before I ought. Then spent a few days frantically correcting last minute errors and formatting. I think I have it almost right.

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After mistaking a leather-clad wizard for a dragonrider, the taverner’s daughter agrees to binding vows: Jarryd hopes for a magic-saving paternity spell but Taniel just wants his dragon. Of course, it is not that simple. It never is… 

(I need a better word than ‘it’ in there )

The title is a bit of a mouthful. The genre is sort of chicklit meets fantasy but I think my male characters are probably stronger. It’s clean.. ish. No graphic descriptions of any intimate situations. Taniel ended up a bit over 81,000 words.

I’m taking part in a group Instafreebie promotion run by author A J Martinez.


The May Spellcaster Giveaway     Genres: Epic Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Witches and Wizards, Short Stories, Fairy Tales  

Instafreebie will be down for maintenance on the 7th, so I thought I’d tell you a few days early.  A.J. was good enough to let me be part of this list-building promotion, even though my list was a big fat ZER0. Technically, I had three sign-ups on Mailchimp but they were all me. I now have 23, and only one of them is me.

I thought I had been too slow getting my application form in to A,J., so I started promoting Taniel: A Corrangorachian Fantasy at Instafreebie, all by myself. If you are curious, go pick up a free copy (mobi, PDF, ePub). Since the freebie is to build my quarterly newsletter list, it comes at the price of sharing your email address.

Later edited to add the BookFunnel link here.

Okay, chucking away my marketing hat now.   🙂

Thanks again for being part of my journey.  Appreciated!

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Taniel: A Corrangorachian Fantasy


8 thoughts on “Taniel: A Corrangorachian Fantasy

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    Congratulations, big sigh of relief and after a couple of days relaxing, cleaning the house, the dog, the car, the yard, hosing down the roof, having a facial and manicure, maybe thinking about repainting, you’ll be itching to get back into it again.

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    • My fans at Wattpad are waiting patiently for me to start adding to Cladessa (book 2). I’m hoping to organise myself better so I can do the draft AND all those jobs that need doing! This next book isn’t taking six years! Thanks for your support Sue.


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