Old wheel, wild oats, other dead weeds – gray-scaled (Nokia Lumia 530 Windows Phone)

Down at the footbridge, the wild belladonna lilies put on a good showing last season. When the first green leaves popped from the ground, I took a trowel on my walk and brought home bulbs for my garden. Only one bulb flowered for me.

Now, the strappy leaves of the belladonnas are spouting again. Someone, with grander schemes than mine, has halved the clumps.


embossed and gray-scaled in ImageMajick (Nokia Lumia WP 530)

My stolen bulbs are sprouting, too, so I reckon I can expect more flowers in season.

Sally D has some wonderfully textured palms and succulents in her B&W images.

Thanks for looking. It’s good to be back blogging and I will get around to visiting you all over the coming weeks. I know I can’t hope to catch up on all I’ve missed, but I will endevour to keep up this time and not let writing interfere as much.

Time management is the key!

Do have a great weekend.  🙂

Sally D's Mobile Photography Challenge

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: B&W


5 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: B&W

    • Thank you Sally, and you’re welcome. I recall seeing one of your palm tree ones before, and I took some lovely photos while in a park with B & W in mind. The textures turned out great, but I used the wrong camera for your challenge. 🙂


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  2. Naked Ladies (Belladonna) need to be planted in full sun. I have to move mine beacus the trees have got too big nw and shade them too much and they haven’t flowered in ages.

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    • I noticed the difference with the ones near the footbridge. The council thinned the undergrowth and took out a few spindly trees. They flowered well with more light. Might have to move mine, perhaps. Thanks Claudette.

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