The bush can get a bit monotonous to look at unless you let your eye search for interesting colours, shapes, and textures. I love it when the late afternoon is still and the lowering sun plays favourites.





Thanks for looking.



Near Barham Mill Bend, Murray River


6 thoughts on “Near Barham Mill Bend, Murray River

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    It may appear monotonous at times, but that is when you switch to – I wonder who walked these banks a 100 years ago, how many lives were lost in the river, were there aboriginal families camped along the river banks, catching their dinner. Did bush rangers skulk amongst the trees & what animals were here before and are they still here now?
    You picked a nice spot to sit and meditate. When is the next trip?

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    • The answers to those questions would make a great blog post, Sue. The Baraba Baraba Aborigines lived in this area – Gunbower Island is where we were camped – the Barham Mill is in New South Wales.

      Next trip? Might do a weekender just up the road near Nagambie, before it gets busy when school holidays come.


  2. sue ouzounis says:

    And who or what was Barham Mill Bend named after and was there a mill there. Like the name Gunbower Island. Went away with a girlfriend and her family for a weekend and her dad took me trawling in the Gunbower, first fish I ever caught. They would go away quite often sometimes taking their boat to Eppalock or Eilden. Jan used to ski and I think she may have got some record for women’s barefoot. It’s so long ago I can’t remember properly and no it’s not old age, the memory has never been that good at any time. Some lovely places throughout Victoria.

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    • Barham Mill isn’t all that far away – we see the log trucks going past on the other side of the river. The logs probably got offloaded at the river in the old days, or workers came and when from a landing there on the bend named after it. I caught my first fish in a creek outside of Hamilton – dad ate it for breakfast. Ahh, memory, don’t talk about it!


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