The mint outside my back door is still alive with all sorts of winged critters – the honey bees get a look in, too.





Thanks for looking.

We’re busy packing today, so we’ll be ready to load our car when it cools down tonight – we’re expecting a top of 38 C. We were going to head off to Adelaide on the Thursday just gone, but the forecast heat-wave put us off. We head off tomorrow morning and will drive for about six hours, hoping we’ll miss approaching rain and thunderstorms. At least it will be cooler!

I’ve popped the smaller zoom lens back on my Nikon D3000, in anticipation of reaching Coonalpyn, where we will spend the night. Huge silos, still-working, right on the main road, have been painted as part of South Australia’s Silo Art.

Do have a great week! I will.




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Honey Bees


6 thoughts on “Honey Bees

    • I nearly got whiplash when we drove past them before Easter, last year – they’d not long been done. We were doing the ten hour trip in one go, so stopping wasn’t an option. Next year, I reckon we’ll go see the ones at Kimba, they look spectacular. Will do the whole Victoria 200km Silo Art Trail first, probably early autumn. Thanks for popping in, Jenny, and commenting.


  1. sue ouzounis says:

    Have a safe trip. It is lovely and cool outside with just enough rain. Inside is still warm though. Just hope it stays cool for a few days at least. You were wise to put the journey off.

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    • We ended up wet, had no choice but to put the camper up in the rain at Coonalpyn, South Australia. But a few wines over a BBQ warmed us up – after having the aircon on a fair bit of the way! I haven’t looked at my silo pics yet, and I have to find something for Cee’s challenge – W. Oh yes, going to track down a pair of wooing Crested Pigeons. Do that after bed this evening. Just checking in – we’re at Aldinga Beach Holiday Park, actually. Brighton, tomorrow. 🙂


  2. sue ouzounis says:

    Any excuse to have a glass or two. Julius & Jaime back on sunday. If you want a picture of a snake at any time, (boa constrictor) have a nice one of Julius holding one

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