Hello people, so I’m up camping by the Murray River again, with no Internet or phone. Apparently, one can get a reception 3kms up the dirt track from Carter’s Beach, Ulupna Island, where we have set up our camper trailer. Arriving mid-week, ahead of Long Weekend campers, we got a prime spot. This photo below is a view downriver, looking back. You can just see the edge of the sandy beach on the far right bank.


A pair of young kookaburras visited for the first days while we were on our own.


A kangaroo and her half-grown joey are usually grazing nearby until the people begin moving about – haven’t got a photo of them yet. Wedge-tailed eagles loop by, almost daily.


The most exciting part of our stay, by far, is having a koala in the tree behind our camper.


I hope these pictures are okay – I’m working with a barely visible screen. ( Doing this blog post, we’re in a park at Strathmerton, using the Dump Point, checking the weather forecast, and  buying the Sunday paper.)


Looks like we’ll stay until Friday or Saturday, since the weather will be okay.  We have a beaut sandy beach to swim from, lovely and shallow, too. Deep water and a fast river current freak me out!

More pictures, next week or so.

Thanks for looking.



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Kookaburras, Eagles, & Koalas


5 thoughts on “Kookaburras, Eagles, & Koalas

  1. sue ouzounis says:

    Fantastic, you really picked a prime site. If you want access to technology you are going to have to send Rob up a tree with an aerial. If he ties himself to the tree he can have a nap.

    Beautiful view of the river. Used to swim in the Murray in Albury but the current was too strong for me. My Uncle & cousins used to swim against the current, I had no hope so was banished to the banks. If you are worried about going in the water, just have a lifeline handy or around your waist.

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    • Thanks for your kind thoughts, Carol Ann. I always think that I ought to bring paints along and capture my favourite view over the course of the week. I’m beginning to miss oil-painting – it’s been a quarter of a century, now, since I last painted.


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