We’re encountering these parrots more frequently as we travel through New South Wales. At Gloucester, now, hunkering down in our camper-trailer at a powered site. Our mobile internet is working perfectly, and I’ll give you an update later of where we’ve been since we left home. Lately, I’ve just managed a few Facebook posts to let family know where we are.


According to Birds In Backyards, the  male Australian King Parrot are the only Australian parrots with a completely red head. The female has a green head.


The ones pictured here kept an eye out for meal times at every camping site! Perched on the roof of the tent, on the open canopy door of the 4WD, on the back of an unoccupied chair, they missed little.


I better go have a look outside, for the wind is increasing, and the rain. I regret not putting up the proper awning and walls – electing the quicker erection of the gazebo. Fortunately, I pegged it down well, but I’m about to see how it handles water. Other people in the caravan park are poking at theirs with brooms to dislodge pools of water.

Thanks for looking at my pictures.







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Redhead: The Australian King Parrot


12 thoughts on “Redhead: The Australian King Parrot

  1. sue says:

    Absolutely gorgeous birds. Hope you are having a great holiday. The weather here has been ridiculous, one day hot (30) the next cold (17) and windy. Then one night we had a surprise storm. Looking out the door it was an amazing light show. Jumped out of my skin with one huge boom. Poured with rain for a short time, gutters were overflowing and the drain in the backyard back-flowed from the street. It was lucky I went out to check, so was able to put the cover on with a brick on top. Went out the front to check the gutters and they had drained very quickly, which was a good thing. Next door neighbours 2nd tank was overflowing in 15 minutes.
    Heard on the radio that daylight savings starts tomorrow. Damn pain in the neck, takes me months to get used to the time change. Don’t know why they have to change it, there is more daylight anyway, so what difference does it make. We didn’t have daylight savings when I was young and we didn’t seem to miss it.
    My name has dropped of your detail box again.
    Love, Sue

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    • Hi Sue, nice to hear from you – forgot to thank you for the cute pic you sent of Julius and his ‘cooking’ effort. Just saw it the other day – been slack with mail while away. We’re copping wet weather, but had beaut weather today until six pm. These days, I take daylight saving in stride – we wake with the sun and go to bed when it gets dark anyhow. 🙂


  2. sue says:

    Lovely to be retired isn’t it. The school holidays have been good in respect of being able to sleep in. I’m a late night person and having to go to bed relatively early is a pain. Julius is the same so it is hard to get him to go to sleep unless I lay down as well.
    The weird weather is continuing. Sunday & yesterday were hot and today the wind is freezing. It will probably move across to where you are.

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    • We had a thunderstorm last night, but it ended up skirting around us – we threw a tarp over just in case of really heavy rain. (We’re up near Port Macquarie now). Wind is kicking up as I write, clouds rolling in for another storm. The lake out front has little whitecaps. Expecting 17 degrees, 10 overnight. We travel inland tomorrow, crossing back over the Blue Mountains, probably in the rain.


  3. sue says:

    Hope everything is going well. Be careful with the weather, if it looks odd then head for cover. The weather bureau didn’t even warn us of one downpour, lucky I went out the back and saw water bubbling up the drain and was able to cover it over. Then when we had the huge winds it was worse than what they thought it was going to be. We were lucky, we seem to be in a little pocket that misses the really bad bits even though Grange & West Beach are only a couple of minutes away and had trees coming down.

    Sent you an email the other day, nothing urgent. Gotta go, have to pick Julius up from school and take him to Kumon.


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    • We’re camping by the Murray River at Cobram at the moment, Sue. Keeping an eye on chances of flooding as we’re on a beach. 🙂 Had a downpour last night and we were pleased our tent didn’t leak. I haven’t checked my mail for an age. Will use inverter to charge laptops when we get plenty of sun. I accidentally left my little samsung tablet at home! it charges by usb off the trailer.


  4. sue says:

    Bet you were cross when you realised you had left the tablet at home. Cousin of mine Carl Ebbels & wife Robyn live there and have a holiday cottage that they let out. Haven’t seen him for years, probably wouldn’t recognize him in the street. It was his sister that started me on the family search and gave me all her material. Don’t remember ever having been to Cobram, hope it’s a nice place. All along the Murray is beautiful.

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  5. Beautiful birds and pictures. Funny how in the animal kingdom it’s up to the males to put on the show. But back in the human world us ladies have to be the prettiest! 😉


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