It’s been nearly three years since I first encountered this curious-looking Noisy Miner in the car park at the Observatory near Parkes, New South Wales. This Australian honeyeater can be confused with the introduced bird, the Common Mynah. The latter has mostly brown plumage, but much the same face, and belongs to the starling family.



I don’t know why I never see Noisy Miners back home, for according to the distribution map, they are common all along the Eastern Coast from North Queensland,  New South Wales, Victoria, and into South Australia, and Tasmania.


The yellow patch behind the eye is the naked skin.

Thanks for looking.




Manorina melanocephala: Noisy Miner


4 thoughts on “Manorina melanocephala: Noisy Miner

  1. sue says:

    We have a lot of them here. In Melbourne we used to be inundated with Indian Minah’s. Lot noisier than the Noisy Minah. When I was told what they were called I was expecting a great din, not at all, rather quiet in comparison. I think they look evil with that yellow in the corner of their eyes.

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  2. sue says:

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