Back in early November, a few days after we’d come home from our trip, we discovered that one of the neighbour’s cats had three kittens stashed underneath our bungalow. With Vika gone, they are venturing out. They are totally wild, but since associating me with food, don’t always dash into hiding when they see me.


Here, they are relaxed and sleepy, having just been nursed by their mum. Their eyes haven’t changed colour yet, still blue. I love the colouring of the little tortoiseshell (calico) one.


I adore watching them at play. I’ve moved the feeding dish inside a cage, so I can eventually take them to their own yard – their owner blissfully unaware until a few days ago.

Thanks for looking.



Cute Kittens


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    • He said he’d give them away. He does something with them, as out of the nine cats/kittens that used to be there, only four were left when we came home. One got run over, so then there were three, plus the three new kittens.


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