I had witnesses when I finally got around to resuming my daily backyard walk.


Each of these ginger-and-white cats has a distinctive face. This one has ginger partly over one eye. He was curled up in a sunny spot in my messy garden.


This one wandered casually down the yard after me. The ginger is set fairly evenly about his/her face.


I call this next one Boofhead, and think it was him in the house – climbing the kitchen louvres, smashing his head into the locked dog door and leaping on the back window sash to get out, twice racing past an open side door, and yowling in terror. Eventually I was game enough to get past him and open the back door. One side of his nose and chin is ginger-spattered.


This time, on our return, no furtive feline family inhabited our yard. The neighbour does have a new half-grown kitten, but the total number of cats now seems to be only six.

So, back to my walk. I’m pretty slow after our five weeks away. Well, not just that – I never really got back into regular exercises after our trip last October. Today, it was an effort to bring my steps up to the 5,000 mark. I reckon I best leave it until next week before I get back to my exercises. Incentive: a cholesterol test in late May.

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Ginger & White Cats


8 thoughts on “Ginger & White Cats

  1. sue says:

    Like the one with the white snout. The other half face looks a bit “slow”. If your lucky they would have keep the mouse population down. finding it very hard to get moving myself. Feeling so lethargic and this damn weather not helping

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  2. Step counting can make you feel bad when you don’t make it, but it’s important to remember that every little bit of activity helps. I walked 6 miles yesterday but don’t have time to do that every day. I like the active 10 approach that focuses on ten minute brisk walks that are easier to fit into your day. Good luck and stay healthy Christine!

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    • Thank you! I don’t feel bad when I don’t make it, just pleased when I do. My Vivofit has a red line come up after an hour of inactivity, so I get a brisk walk in when I notice it. Anything less won’t budge the line.


  3. Wow how interesting! That’s pretty cool you got such great pictures of each of them to exhibit their differences. Good luck with getting back to exercise and “passing” that cholesterol test. I don’t have a cholesterol test but I have a “hey get your butt back in action” challenge from myself so I can sympathize. 😀

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