It’s extremely dry here and the kangaroos nibble any grass shoots as soon as they appear. We have some grass in our yard which only grows over summer and it had been well-grazed while we were away. The kangaroos are pretty hungry and can often be seen closer to homes than usual during the daylight hours, trying to fill their tummies. This little fellow was in my yard last night.


One of his feet seems bigger than the other, so he may be recovering from an injury.


He looked at me for awhile, and went back to eating.


Later, he lay down for a rest. Even later still, I put out a tub of water for him. He watched me, but didn’t bound away. He was gone this morning.

In much of southern Australia, the Autumn break – usually claimed when rainfall exceeds 25mm – has yet to arrive. The outlook seems bleak, reading The Bureau of Meteorology’s prediction. Things won’t improve much over April and May.


The above photo taken this morning, looking over the farmland behind our house.

Thanks for looking.


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A Kangaroo in our yard


4 thoughts on “A Kangaroo in our yard

  1. It looks so dry. The climate is so unpredictable atm. We have finally had some summer rain up in SE Qld, after six months of completely dry weather. No summer storms like we are used to up here.

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  2. Sue says:

    Very hard on the poor animals. We always forget them. Some of the Macedonian dance troupe went to Queanbeyan to dance on saturday. Two cars with their families drove together and said it was so sad to see the dead kangaroos on the Hay Plain. They had planned to get out and do a bit of a dance with the kids, but cancelled the idea. Julius was sorry he couldn’t go, but he and his dad are going on their holiday tomorrow. Nice break for me. Love him dearly, but he is so stubborn and will answer you back if you don’t do what HE wants. The three weeks will pass pretty quick. Might get a chance to clean up all his stuff that is lying around

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  3. Wow so different than our current spring weather. What a cute fellow he was, nice of you to be compassionate and provide water. We’ll send you some rain. 😉

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