These pictures were taken back when I took the other kangaroo photos. There’s always one or two big ‘roos hanging about on their own. Keeping an eye on things, it seems.


When we had that small one in our yard, I wondered what they eat when there isn’t much grass about. Apparently they eat dried grass. After all, I suppose it’s like hay, except still standing in the paddock. They don’t like really scratchy stalks though, it hurts their mouth. Also, one can buy kangaroo pellets from stock-feed stores to feed starving animals. Handy to know.



Thanks for looking.



Watchful Kangaroo


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  1. Sue says:

    The feed pellets are a good idea. Farmers should get a big of funding to do this, it would keep the kangaroos to a confined area, that’s if they are worried about damage to their property.

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