Sending from my Windows Phone. Had a paddle downstream this morning and the wind helped us back to camp.

We have to be home about the end of the month as our house is to be connected to the new sewerage system being built our end of town. I’m looking forward to updating our wet areas with new fittings with modern plastic plumbing!

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Gunbower Creek


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  1. Sue says:

    Yes, you can’t miss out on that. You have plenty of time to go off again anyway. They have been doing all the gas mains around our area. Very efficient, minimal disruption. Leave everything in good condition. Needed it badly. I have reported lots of gas leaks lately. You take the dog for a walk in the morning and its very noticeable. Put in special PVC pipes I think but a lot narrower so we should get better pressure. Probably the old ones were the original from when the suburb was developed.

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