Gosh, this retired life is tough! No kayaking for a few days. The other afternoon, when we intended a second session, I managed to step from the bank into 1.8m of water instead of the kayak. Talk about laugh, it was hilarious. At least I now know that my life-jacket works really well.

Temp is a bit lower today and we’re having pies (Mrs Mac’s beef, bacon & cheese) in the camp oven. We’re enjoying the fire.

Sending from my Windows Phone from Gunbower Creek, Victoria.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Gotta watch that first step. Hope the water was relatively clean. Nothing better than sitting near a campfire looking at the stars. Beautiful. Crackling of the wood & sparkling as bits drop off. Such a hard life your living. We have had a few hot days now a few cold ones and some more ones coming up. Of course the arthritis just loves it. I don’t think there has been any even bouts of weather all winter. But you just sit back and rest those weary bones.

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