Taken this morning, on the water. Haven’t fallen in again! Going home sometime next week.

Sending from my Windows Phone.

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On Gunbower Creek


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  1. sue says:

    Beautiful isn’t it. Your going to miss the water when you go home. Have to go to the lake more. We have been having some lovely days, freezing nights. Julius & Jaime have moved up to Nha Trang in Vietnam. They are on the 22nd level. Pool is on the 3rd level and there is gym equipment there. Julius burned up 50 calories hahaha. They were going to go on a day trip. Person he knows over there put him onto this chap that does tours, a friend of theirs, so that is good. He’s lucky that he got credit from last time, when he was sick in Cambodia and tickets got mixed up and he had to buy new ones, he got the credit. Make the most of your time now, the week will fly. Love Sue

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