It’s been a long while since I’ve spotted a Teddy Bear Bee in my garden. With the onset of cooler weather, the general honeybee population is more obvious, making me grab the Nikon D3000, at long last.


I’ve been struggling to blog. It’s taken a long time to shake of the blues, and guilt, after putting our dear little Vika to sleep on 24th October, 2018.  I’m not there yet.


Forcing myself to blog didn’t work! It turned out that making my photos square and producing images for Beccy’s ‘words ending in light’ challenge was beyond me! I found myself reluctant to pick up the camera. Perhaps I just took too many on our travels. Thousands of unshared photos lurk on my hard drive! On a few attempts, I couldn’t decide which ones to share, so shared none.  I still intend to, though. I promised. Think I even crossed my heart on my writing blog. Ooops.


Since Christmas, I’ve said to myself, just another day on the family history binge before getting back into the swing of things. Two months have drifted by. Summer has come and gone, with my bit of the country unravaged by fire. A few smoky days was all we had. Now, as if constant reminders of the global warming threat aren’t enough, we have the coronavirus. (Not literally – yet.) Gosh, it’s hard not to feel like we’re on the cusp of the apocalypse and the end of civilisation is looming.


Anyway, here I am. I have to get all this shit out of my head. I’m wondering if everyone else is feeling this way, too, and it’s not just me.  The teddy bear bee prompted me to pick up my camera again, and come share it with you.

I ended up sharing more than that. Thanks for reading, if you did. Thanks for looking at my photos!


Bees & Bugs

Teddy Bear Bee visit!


8 thoughts on “Teddy Bear Bee visit!

  1. Sue says:

    Hi Christine, good to hear from you again. Was hoping you were too busy to get any pictures from, but it looks like you you were just feeling down. Whenever that happens just give a holla. I think everyone is feeling down at the moment, so much going on but nothing seems to get moving forward. Lot of people are feeling a bit the same. Then you have these idiot media groups that think talking about the Corono Virus is going to sell papers, don’t care if they get people in a panic. I saw some headlines that sounded as if the end was hear. Read the article and it sizzled to “maybe, could, possible” etc., kind of stuff. Get so tired of all the false reporting on anything they think will sell papers. The media should be held accountable for scare mongering. Then you have politicians like Trump, Putin, North Korea’s little darling. If they put as much energy into doing something positive than all this doom and groom, the world would be blooming. Now, how about posting at least 1 picture a day, you don’t need a story just 1 picture, Start off with pictures starting with the alphabet A, B, C , that will get you through 26 days. Look forward to tomorrow, Love Sue

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    • Thanks Sue. I read one Melbourne Council bloke saying how he was unapologetic for blatant scare-mongering about climate change – he said it was the only way to make people take notice. I was shocked to read that little kids are stressing something shocking, thinking we’re all about to die. And now the bloody virus on top.

      Yeah, I don’t have to talk. A photo a day sounds good. I got some nice ones when I was in the garden the other day with the camera, three ibis flew overhead. Thanks Sue.


  2. So glad you picked up your camera. These are fantastic photos. Not heard of a teddy-bear bee, but I do see why it’s called that.
    As to the virus… plagues from the East, nothing new in that. I’m half-expecting the sound of a trundling cart, a hand-bell vigorously rung and a gruff voice to shout, ‘Bring out your dead’. (Scene from Monty Python)

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