While I was taking photos of the Teddy bear Bee the other day, these three Straw-necked Ibis flew overhead. The Nikon focused on them easily for a change. Single birds often elude the lens and are gone before the camera locks on, and other times the results are not worth sharing. I like these ones.


You can tell these birds aren’t White Ibis as they have black wings in flight. The wing undersides of White Ibis are white. You can even see the yellow throat-plumes that gives the bird its name – Straw-necked Ibis.


They travel all over mainland Australia, except for the arid parts. I don’t normally see large flocks here, but have once or twice. They love grasshoppers and locusts, and so are nick-named Farmer’s Friend.


It’s lovely to see blue skies. Today is dull, wet, and dreary. It rained all night. The rain gauge says we’ve had well over 2 1/2 inches since it started yesterday. We’ve had the Autumn break early, methinks. The paddocks have already greened up with the rains we’ve had during February.

The forecast is good, though, with the weather clearing by tomorrow. Just as well, for we are attending a Back-to, a celebration of 150 years for Rupanyup, my mother’s hometown. Affectionately known as Rup, the small rural town holds fond memories of visits to my Grandma. We’re taking the camper. Let’s see how my newfound blogging resolve holds up! According to one website ‘the Ibis is a symbol of communication, probing, transition and trust.’ Apt.

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Threskiornis spinicollis: Straw-necked Ibis


17 thoughts on “Threskiornis spinicollis: Straw-necked Ibis

  1. Did not know what the Ibid was a symbol of…
    But do love the short story “scarlet ibis”

    Also – your lens sure did lock on and give us nice shots of the straw-necks
    Wonderful today
    Hope the rain ends soon and enjoy your trip 😉

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  2. sue says:

    TERRIFIC SHOTS, Love your pictures. We have been having a little bit of rain but not enough to water the pot plants, better than nothing though isn’t it. Julius had to go and get an ultra sound done today, he has been having pain in the stomach for a while and doctor said been going on to long, need to check it out. Julius is going to ask them if it’s twins, funny little kid. Hope you have a great week-end

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