We have masses of honey bees in our garden at the moment. My jasmine, despite being unperfumed, is always popular.


I haven’t looked at my photos from our trip away yet. Had a great time. Got sunburnt across the nose and cheeks, rather badly. I’m usually pedantic about using sunscreen, but this time I just kept forgetting.  I met lots of people who had lovely things to say about my grandma.

So the pandemic is official. Despite the supermarkets saying warehouse stocks are plentiful, Aussies are having a run on toilet paper and tissue. Not a single roll to be seen in our supermarket this morning! Fortunately, I always stock up when on special – got a 12-pack just last week. And my usual box of tissues.

Do have a great day. Stay safe.


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5 thoughts on “Honey-bees

  1. Love that photo.
    And what is it with people and toilet paper? Cashier at the supermarket couple of days back (when I remarked of the lack of paper) said that shelf was full-stocked the day before, but people were stuffing them into their trollies, no mind to fetch food. Why? All to use was tissues? Or has the threat on the virus given them the shits? And no thought given to those who have legitimately run out!

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    • Yeah, it’s weird. Now they’re limiting purchases pf pasta, flour and something else, I’ve forgotten what. Government told us a few weeks back, not to panic, just buy a few extra food staples on your normal shop. So I did. Got to admit I bought a few packets of both disposable and food-handling gloves as a guard against the future. I’m mindful of all those hard shiny surfaces one gets to touch at the supermarket, starting with the trolley!

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      • Well, all winter I’ve been wearing woolly gloves cos I suffer terribly with cold hands and those chiller cabinets are cold. But I’ve been taking them off at the checkout. This last time I didn’t.
        I have a bulk box of vinyl or latex gloves I wear for housecleaning (can’t get on with the normal rubber gloves, no feel through them). I’m thinking of taking some shopping with me.

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  2. sue says:

    Should always carry a tube of sunscreen in your bag. Don’t use the spray on type. Burnt Julius’ skin. He complained that it felt like it was burning. It’s supposed to stop it not do it. This was one for kids. We had used the spray on type for a while with no problem then boom, problems. Stick with the lotion. Glad you enjoyed your mini holiday. Your lucky to have the bees, haven’t seen many at all and the camellia’s are not flowering at the moment. We usually have 2 flowerings a year and they last for ages, but not this year. The toilet paper saga is ridiculous. I don’t know what idiot thought that toilet paper was going to be so important with the virus. Wrong end of the body. Why aren’t they stock piling food items instead. The hand sanitizer is another thing that has flown off the shelves. Metho is better than the shop bought sanitizers, just add a little bit of hand lotion and shake well, it helps it to rub in before the metho evaporates, also white spirit and I think it’s isopropyl is similar and you can buy in larger sizes.

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