Testing what happens when using the WordPress app on my phone.

Night falling on Rupanyup fields.


Hmmm, on my laptop now. The picture turned out okay though I think I’ll reduce the size next time – the inspect pane says this is over 3000 pixels wide and I usually don’t go over 1200.

Three nights in a row, we walked up the hill behind the caravan park and watched the sun go down.  You can’t see them here, but way, way over to the left is a mountain range. I think it’s the same pretty range we saw when we stayed at Rocklands Reservoir last year. I have some gorgeous sunset pics with coloured clouds waiting to be uploaded from the Nikon.

Catch you tomorrow.

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Big Sky


4 thoughts on “Big Sky

  1. sue says:

    How are you keeping. Hope you have got supplies in. Girl next door said things are getting bad, the abuse to workers at Coles is terrible and she wouldn’t put it past Coles to lockdown if it gets much worse. Said to stock up over the next couple of weeks. Good idea to go in every day. They keep stripping the shelves of toilet paper, flour, rice, sugar, pasta even span has sold out.

    Look after yourselves

    Love Sue

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    • We’re okay, Sue. If there is a future lockdown, we’ll be right. I’ll be in town next week, so will get a few more canned goods. Got spuds last week, even though I didn’t need them yet. One wouldn’t expect power outages with a health problem, but who knows! Hate my frozen food to be vulnerable, especially as our camping fridge is playing up I was speaking to my nephew who has two young kids and he finds it impossible to get toilet paper, even first thing in the morning. I’m expecting sewers will block if people throw alternatives down the loo. Thank goodness we’re still on septic.


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